The Largest Customer Success Event in the Nordics is back

Customer Success screamed for its own event. We listened. Back for the third time, Impact Day is bigger than ever before. This year we bring the biggest names in the industry to educate and inspire you to build more Customer Centric organisations. Join us and help shaping the future of Customer Success!

Vector 12th september 2024
location--filled 1 Sergel Hub, Stockholm

Better insights through participation.

Through collaboration with pioneers in your industry, we help YOU discover the insights that lead to lasting change. If you want your organisation to become more Customer Centric, this is the one event to attend. Share tactics, tips and tech. Open your eyes to better strategy, and build relationships that will last far beyond the event itself.

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Keynote Sessions


Network sessions

Keynote speakers from around the world

Anne-Marie Costigan w color
Global VP Customer Success, Hubspot

A visionary leader with over 20 years of experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Finance. Anne-Marie thrives on driving innovation and building teams that challenge norms, take risks, and collaboratively solve problems. As the Global VP Customer Success at HubSpot, she oversees a team of 550+ professionals dedicated to helping clients achieve tangible business value

Sofia Alexus w color
CEO, Kundo

An innovative and inclusive CEO with a passion for driving excellence and fostering talent. With a global perspective honed in Silicon Valley, Boston, Paris, and Stockholm, Sofia leads Kundo, a Swedish SaaS company revolutionizing customer service. 

Lincoln Murphy w color
Thought Leader, Growth Architect & Co-Founder, Impact Academy

Lincoln Murphy, a world-renowned speaker, blogger and growth consultant focused on Customer-centric Growth. For over a decade, Lincoln has helped thousands of companies accelerate growth by optimizing the Customer Lifecycle, from customer acquisition to retention to account expansion and advocacy.

Niclas Staberg Niclas Staberg GTM & Customer Success Director. Verdane
Hannah Meiton Hannah Meiton Co-Founder, Ampli Ventures
Lincoln Murphy Lincoln Murphy Thought Leader, Growth Architect & Co-Founder, Impact Academy
Peter Gustafsson Peter Gustafsson Head of Sales & Customer Success, Planima
Sofia Alexus Sofia Alexus CEO, Kundo
Anne-Marie Costigan w color Anne-Marie Costigan Global VP Customer Success, Hubspot
Maddie Schneeman Maddie Schneeman Former Director Customer Success, G2
Ingvild Ingvild Farstad Head of Operational Excellence, Viking Venture
Sam Jahanfar Sam Jahanfar CEO & Co-Founder, Rule
Johan Nilsson Johan Nilsson CEO & Founder, Startdeliver
Anna Nordell Anna Nordell Westling Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor
Henrik Jakobson Henrik Jakobson CEO, Hailey HR
Jamie Ryan Jamie Ryan Head of Customer Success EMEA & APAC, Atlassian
Martine Niermans Martine Niermans Director of Customer Success EMEA, Zendesk
Hugoh Nycander Hugoh Nycander Team Lead, Startdeliver
Sindre Haaland Sindre Haaland Founder & CEO, SalesScreen
Daniel Gadd Daniel Gadd CEO & Co-founder, Position Green
Fanny Hildestrand Fanny Hildestrand Head of Customer Success, Startdeliver
Gustav Elveros Gustav Elveros Top Generative AI Voice, Ebbot
Mia Nordborg Mia Nordborg Chief Customer Officer, Funnel
Tess Bajramovic Tess Bajramovic Senior Customer Success Manager, Apicbase
Gustav H Gustav Hasselblad CCO, Startdeliver
Mystery Speaker bw Mystery Speaker VP of Customer Success
Emma S Emma Sunder Impact Academy, Impact Day
Tobias n Tobias Nordvall CS Dev Ops

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Agenda & Schedule (work in progress)

08:00 Forum

Registration & Networking

08:45 The Bank Vault

Welcome to Impact Day 2024

09:00 The Bank Vault

The Future of Customer Success

Johan Nilsson Johan Nilsson, Startdeliver
How will Customer Success operate and create value in the future.
09:15 The Bank Vault

Head of CS Panel: Thriving Today and Building for Tomorrow

Anne-Marie Costigan, Hubspot Anne-Marie Costigan, Hubspot
Mia Nordborg bw (1) Mia Nordborg, Funnel
Jamie Ryan Jamie Ryan, Atlassian
Learnings, Challenges and what is next in Customer Success. Key questions answered by experienced and operational leaders.
09:50 The Bank Vault

Customer-centric Growth: Mastering Expansion in Customer Success

Lincoln Murphy Lincoln Murphy
In the dynamic landscape of modern business, expanding customer success is crucial for sustained growth. This keynote offers actionable insights and practical examples to empower your expansion journey. Learn how to nurture existing relationships, maximize value, and propel your business forward with strategies tailored to success.
10:30 The Forum

Coffee break with Speed Dating

Refuel and network simultaneously. Select topics that interest you and engage in dynamic exchanges with fellow professionals. This is your chance to connect meaningfully while enjoying a refreshing break.
11:00 The Bank Vault

AI and Customer Success: Unlocking Human Potential and Boosting Customer Impact

Anna Nordell Anna Nordell Westling
Mystery Speaker Mystery Speaker
Gustav Elveros Gustav Elveros
Mystery Speaker bw Mystery Speaker
Join us for an insightful keynote where a panel of AI experts will reveal how AI is transforming the landscape of customer success. Learn how leading organizations leverage AI to unlock human potential, drive significant business impact, and revolutionize their strategies for achieving unparalleled outcomes.
11:25 The Bank Vault

Driving Customer Change: Proven Customer Success Tactics

Tess Bajramovic Tess Bajramovic, Senior Customer Success Manager
This keynote explores strategies to navigate change, from understanding evolving customer needs to implementing agile change management processes. Join us as we uncover the keys to driving meaningful change, empowering both businesses and customers to thrive in a dynamic marketplace.
11:50 The Bank Vault

Founder Panel - Creating a Customer Centric Culture

Sam Jahanfar Sam Jahanfar, Rule
Sofia Alexus Sofia Alexus, Kundo
Sindre Haaland Sindre Haaland, SalesScreen
Daniel Gadd Daniel Gadd, Position Green
Join our panel of founders as they share practical insights and strategies for instilling a customer-first culture in your organization. Learn how to prioritize customer needs and drive growth through a dedicated focus on delivering exceptional experiences.
12:15 The Forum

Lunch + Networking

Join us for a delightful lunch where you can recharge and network with industry leaders. This is the perfect opportunity to forge new connections, exchange insights, and collaborate on future ventures. Don't miss this chance to elevate your professional network while enjoying a great meal.

Scaling Customer Success - Navigating Market Changes for Lasting Success

Martine Niermans w color Martine Niermans, Director of Customer Success EMEA, Zendesk
With over 18 years in top-notch tech companies, Martine will share actionable strategies to adapt and thrive in evolving markets. Get hands-on advice on how to enhance customer journeys, boost employee engagement, and drive lasting Customer Success in your organization.

Workshops part I

The Bank Vault

Customer Centric Growth Workshop

Lincoln Murphy Lincoln Murphy
Johan Nilsson Johan Nilsson
Building on this morning's keynote, this workshop will dive into essential strategies for business growth. Topics include understanding customer lifecycle stages, identifying growth opportunities, implementing effective success milestones, and leveraging data for decision-making. Gain practical, hands-on experience in crafting impactful expansion playbooks to maximize customer value and drive your business forward.
The Forum

The ROI of Customer Success: Investor Perspective

Peter Gustafsson w color Peter Gustafsson
Niclas Staberg w color Niclas Staberg
Ingvild Ingvild Farstad
Discover how top investors evaluate the financial impact of customer success initiatives. This workshop will dive into real-world examples and best practices, illustrating how effective customer success strategies drive revenue growth and reduce churn, ultimately enhancing company valuation and investor confidence.

Coffee Break with Speed Dating

Refuel and network simultaneously. Select topics that interest you and engage in dynamic exchanges with fellow professionals. This is your chance to connect meaningfully while enjoying a refreshing break.

Workshops part II

The Bank Vault

CS Leadership Workshop: Scaling Customer Success

Anne-Marie Costigan Anne-Marie Costigan
Mia Nordborg bw (1) Mia Nordborg
Jamie Ryan Jamie Ryan
Building on this morning's keynote, this workshop will provide hands-on tools for leading and scaling Customer Success teams in hyper-growth environments. Engage in group discussions on key topics, share insights, and learn practical strategies to effectively manage and expand your Customer Success efforts. Join us to gain valuable knowledge and skills essential for driving your team's success in a rapidly growing market.
The Forum

Applying AI to Customer Success: A Practical Workshop

Gustav Elveros Gustav Elevros
Mystery Speaker Mystery Speaker
Anna Nordell Anna Nordell Westling
In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore how AI can transform their customer success efforts from reactive to proactive. Through group discussions and practical exercises, we aim to develop actionable strategies for integrating AI tools into customer success processes, ultimately driving greater efficiency and impact.

Workshops part III

The Bank Vault

Customer Success Master Class: The Retention Playbook

Lincoln Murphy Lincoln Murphy
Johan Nilsson Johan Nilsson
Join our Impact Academy master class to sharpen your skills in reducing churn, boosting expansion, and enhancing Net Revenue Retention. Access comprehensive playbooks, frameworks, templates, and planning tools. Master the art of measuring and prioritizing key metrics, and develop winning strategies with our Goal Discovery Framework, Objection Breakthrough Formula, and more.
The Forum

Building Loyalty: Customer Advocacy Workshop

Maddie Schneeman Maddie Schneeman
Fanny H Fanny Hildestrand
In this workshop, you'll uncover powerful strategies to elevate customer success through advocacy. Learn how to effectively engage your most loyal customers and transform them into passionate advocates. We'll guide you through the process of crafting impactful advocacy campaigns and demonstrate how to measure their success with real-world examples. Through interactive exercises, you'll gain practical skills to boost customer engagement and drive significant business outcomes. Join us to harness the full potential of customer advocacy and take your customer success strategies to new heights.
The Conference

Customer Success Operations: Metrics, Health, and Integrations

Gustav H Gustav Hasselblad
Tobias n Tobias Nordvall
Dive deep into the technical side of Customer Success in this comprehensive workshop. We'll explore the critical aspects of Customer Success Operations, focusing on data management, customer health metrics, and seamless integrations. Learn best practices and get valuable tips for optimizing your operations to drive better outcomes. Through detailed discussions and practical exercises, you'll gain insights into effectively managing data, monitoring customer health, and leveraging integrations to enhance your Customer Success efforts. Join us to master the technical skills and strategies needed to excel in Customer Success Operations.




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