Customer Success
with Impact

Lower churn, more satisfied customers and faster growth comes from doing the right things first. The things that have real impact for your customers.

Welcome to the next generation of Customer Success Software.

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A New Way of Working with Customers

Do the right things first

Retention and churn are key metrics for most businesses, but they are both lagging measurements. Churn is a symptom of earlier problems. Retention is a result of a customer getting value and wanting to keep using the service.

Startdeliver will help you take charge of the leading measurements, the signals. The ones you can act on – the ones you have to act on.
Our platform measures, tracks and notifies you of all developments as well as give you a powerful tool to drive actions, improvements and make impact.

Outcome health
Define and configure metrics that represent your customers outcomes.
Experience health
Define and configure metrics that represent your customers experiences.
Notification channels
Stay on top of all developments with relevant, prioritized and actionable notifications.
Milestone manager
Manage all key projects with your customers from pre-defined templates or create your own.
Customer sharables
Share, engage and drive improvements with sharable data, goals and achievements.
Smart lists
Get your priorities right with dynamic lists updated automatically.
App exchange
Get all your customer facing apps working together with our exchange.
User engagement
Do specific, top-of-mind content marketing direct on user level.

Your developers will love us

// Process your customer data using our API

const Startdeliver = require('startdeliver');
const startdeliver = new Startdeliver(API_KEY);

const bigAccountsWithPoorHealth = await startdeliver.get('customer', { 
	arr: { gt: 1 * 1000 * 1000 },
	health: { lt: 'poor'}


for (let i = 0; i < bigAccountsWithPoorHealth.length; i++) {
	await pushAlert(bigAccountsWithPoorHealth[i].name);


// Listen to events using our app platform or webhooks'/', async function (req, res) {

if (req.body.type === 'customer.healthDecrease') {

	await alertHealthDecrease(req.body.customer);


if (req.body.type === 'user.stakeholderFeedbackDecrease') {

	await alertStakeholderBadFeedback(req.body.user);



Built from the ground up to be integrated and customized to your needs

We’ve built Startdeliver to be developer friendly and easy to customize and integrate with.

App platform
Customize Startdeliver with our app platform
Powerful APIs
Everything our app does, you can do as well with our open API
Create webhooks to get notified on events
Dev portal
Get started quickly with documentation, tutorials and free sandbox workspace.
All the help you need
Our tech team is at your service to both help, give advice and set-up all necessary integrations for you.

In summary, what we do


We make sense of all your data

Our platform is built to aggregate and make sense of large amounts of data from a great variety of sources.

We help you do the right things

Drive all your actions via Startdeliver based on data. Become efficient and leverage your activities where you get results.

We help you get real impact

Doing the right things will result in your customers getting the results they want, the impact.

“We have finally found a tool that combines ease-of-use with power under the hood. Our cancellation rate has dropped as a result of working with Startdeliver.”

Astrid Ståhl
Chief Customer Officer, Upsales Nordic AB

“We have decided to be a company that is all-in on our customers and by that we mean our users should love us and our product. Startdeliver is our way of implementing this strategy in the day-to-day and we are already seeing results.”

Sebastian Karlsson
CEO, Homemaker AB
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