A Customer Success Platform that is actually easy to use.

Most tools used by Customer Success are either made for Sales or too complicated. Startdeliver lets CS teams monitor customer health and learn which actions best help customers be more successful and less likely to churn.

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Get rid of the worst headaches for Customer Success

Prioritise Customers

See data on Customer Health based on usage, feedback and open support tickets.

Drive Actions

Onboarding. Livechat. Share data and move projects forward in a shared workspace. Help customers act.

Show Impact

Get reports on how well your team is performing and share easily to Management.

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Less admin. Better actions.

  • Filter customers on churn risks, renewals, usage and more.
  • Take the right action before it is too late

Get customers to act

  • Structured onboarding in shared space.
  • Give customers tasks and reminders.
  • Joint accountability for success. 

Improve Onboarding. Increase Net Revenue Retention. Better CX. Shorter Time to Value.


No more tab switching

  • Analyse all customer data in one place
  • Report success within organisation

SaaS companies love Startdeliver.

A platform for each step of
the Customer Journey.

Every interaction a customer has with your company is part of their journey. Many companies leave this to chance. With Startdeliver you do the opposite, you take charge and drive the process.

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Keep track of all users and stakeholders as the Journey evolves.

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Manage and drive a proactive retention process.

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Customer health

Measure and get actionable insights from all your data.

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Manage all interactions with your customers.

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Deliver desired outcome to your customers in a deliberate way with Journeys.

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Scale your customer interactions with automation IQ.

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Dev Portal

Get started quickly with documentation, tutorials and free sandbox workspace.


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