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Self-Diagnose My Customer Success
Are we doing the right things? Where can we improve and what will it mean to the value we deliver as well as our retention rate? There are many levers to pull in Customer Success and timing is everything. This webinar will help you assess where you stand and how to create a concrete plan forward.

Igniting Customer Behavioral Change:
Your customers have business goals they want to achieve but they tend to forget that it requires for them to change. In our upcoming webinar you will get the insights and tools essential for Customer Success to drive this behavioral shift.

Success Plan Secrets: Five Overlooked Steps for More Customer Impact: In today's competitive business landscape, Customer Success is the driving force behind long-term growth and prosperity. Join us as we unveil the insider secrets to crafting effective success plans that nurture your customers, align with their objectives, and lead to higher impact and success.

Hands-on Retention Management: how to improve NRR by focusing on the 20% that give 80% of the result: In today's fast-paced business landscape, customer retention has become more crucial than ever. Acquiring new customers can be challenging and expensive, making it imperative to maximize the value of your existing customer base. Join us as we explore the strategies, tactics, and best practices that can revolutionize the way you retain your customers.

Expansion Sales Simplified - Use this Customer Centric Method to Grow ARR: Expanding your sales efforts is a crucial step in accelerating your retention goals and driving greater success for your customers. In this webinar, we will simplify the work by giving you the five essential keys to mastering expansion sales within the realm of Customer Success.

5 Fresh Ideas to Dust off Your Customer Onboarding: Onboarding is not only a highly critical life cycle stage but also a process that needs consistent refinement. Dust off your onboarding with this webinar where we bring you some fresh new ideas that you can implement directly.

From Cost Center to Growth Driver: How Worldclass CxOs leverage Customer Success

Join us for a webinar where we take the Leadership View on Customer Success and its central role in driving not just retention but long-term growth. In this session, we will dive deep into the strategies and best practices that power customer-driven growth. We will also share the most common roadblocks and how to overcome them. 

Customer Research - A Value Proposition Reality Check with Natalia Bogun, Head of Customer Success at Mediatool

Customer research allows businesses to gain insights into customer needs and preferences, which can inform product development, marketing messaging, and overall strategy. By conducting customer research, businesses can ensure that they are meeting the needs of their customers and delivering value that aligns with their expectations.

Head of Customer Success - Five Ways to Build Momentum in the Team

As a Head of Customer Success, building momentum within your team can be challenging. How do you keep your team motivated and engaged while ensuring that they have the necessary resources and support to achieve success?

Effective Turnaround Programs for At Risk Customers

What are the early signs for an at risk customer? And what are effective strategies for turning them around? In this webinar we'll identify signs to identify a churning customer and strategies to make them more successful than ever before.

Customer Growth: Discovering and Achieving your Expansion Potential

We have invited Lincoln Murphy to talk about how expansion is a crucial aspect of any business, and it's largely in the hands of the Customer Success Team. But how can I maximize growth potential and how do I develop a solid expansion plan?

Unlocking the Power of QBRs: Best Practices and Strategies
The QBR is a critical aspect of Customer Success, but too often it falls short of its potential. What are the common pitfalls and misconceptions that can derail your efforts? And what does a successful QBR actually look like?

Maximizing your work week: Habits of High-performing Customer Success Managers 
Great customer success managers know how to prioritize their tasks and focus on the ones that will have the biggest impact on their customers. But which tasks get you the result you want? Which strong habits help you focus on the right activities to consistently deliver excellent results for your customers?
Career Paths in Customer Success
What's the key to high performing Customer Success teams? Why do some people excel and some just want to quit? In this webinar we will talk about how to hire, develop and grow high performing teams in Customer Success.
How to create powerful advocacy programs in Customer Success
There is huge value in increasing the number of people who recommend and promote our product. We have invited Jade Cass from G2 to talk about how advocacy works and what to consider when setting up an advocacy program.
How to Grow Net Revenue Retention by Optimizing Sales and Customer Success
How do you build your Sales and Customer Success organization to enable NRR growth? What does your ideal Customer Profile look like and how do you determine the right KPI:s? Join our webinar with Victor Ivarsson, Chief Revenue Officer at Upsales where we will share 5 things you need to look at to grow NRR.
Delivering Customer Success at Scale
How do you get the coverage model right for Customer Success as you grow? Is it possible to do more Customer Success with the same resources? Can we scale effectively AND improve the customer experience? Webinar with special guest Natascha Evans, VP Global Enterprise Customer Success at Salesloft.

Customer Success at Halftime 2022 - Five Things To Do Now 

Are we on track to hit our target for the year? It's halftime and a great opportunity to reflect and adjust where needs be. But what can we do in the coming months to make a real difference? Join this webinar where we will share five concrete things you can do.
Actionable SaaS Metrics for Customer Success
Having control over your subscription metrics means hitting your goals this quarter and beyond. But which metrics should we be tracking?
For this webinar, we have invited Ingmar Zahorsky, VP of Customer Success at ChartMogul, to share concrete examples and best practices on actionable metrics for Customer Success.

Customer Success Fueled Growth with Jacco van der Kooij

In this webinar we have invited Jacco van der Kooij the CEO and Founder of Winning by Design to talk about how Customer Success is an accelerator for any subscription business.

Five Keys to Expansion Sales in Customer Success
Lack of expansion on an account is actually a bad sign in terms of retention. A healthy customer should be investing more in you or else they are actually going backwards. This webinar is breaking down the five keys to doing expansion sales in Customer Success.

Context Driven Customer Success With Mikko Honkanen, Vainu.io

How an omni-perspective on your customers lowers churn and sets you up for expansion growth. In this webinar, we will share best practices and concrete examples on how you can leverage data to better serve your customers and by that grow your business.

The Success Planning Webinar

How do you make a customer plan that actually works? How do you set goals and drive improvements? In this webinar we will help you structure your planning in a way that it both becomes easy to do and scalable.

The Complete Customer Success Reporting Webinar

This is the full teardown of all reporting, dashboards and KPIs you need in Customer Success. What are common challenges, where do you start and what are the best practices in the business.

How to Scale Customer Success with Max Klimmek from Intercom

We talk about how we can leverage Customer Success as we grow. How do we define roles, train and build a stellar team? What are the challenges, the learnings and next steps for Customer Success? 

Beating Churn Part II - Action Session

In this second part, we will go into details on how to make things happen in practice. With a focus on you as an individual Customer Success Manager and how you can drive the right type of actions to effectively beat churn.

Beating Churn Part I - Strategy Session

We have all done the calculation: put down the churn rate a small percentage and see the big impact on growth. The math is easy, but how do we make this happen in reality? Can we predict churn and more importantly how do we  improve?

Customer Success Journeys - scalable planning

How do you make a customer plan that actually works? How do you keep it up-to-date and relevant? It’s easy, as Customer Success Manager, to get stuck in the highly operational work and forget about the critical planning. In this webinar we will help you structure your planning in a way that it both becomes easy to do and scalable.

Scaling Customer Success with Emilia D'Anzica

How do you maintain a great customer experience as you grow? Where can you find efficiencies with technology and where do you want to double down on people? In this webinar we will be discussing the keys of scaling Customer Success in practice.

SaaS Pricing, Plans & Expansion with Younium

Companies pour blood, sweat, and tears into making a great product. They spend countless hours and resources to bring in new customers. Yet most SaaS companies don't know what they are worth to their customers and how to best monetize. What can be done differently? How can we grow together with the customer?

Leadership - The Productive Team Meeting

How do you perform a productive weekly meeting with your Customer Success team? What is the agenda, how do you run it and what should everyone prepare? What are the reports to go through, what are the action points and what is the purpose of the meeting? We have distilled the main take-aways from each and put together what we believe is the best practice for a Customer Success team meeting.

How to handle the 5 most difficult situations in Customer Success

When working in Customer Success you face a wide range of challenges, but some are worse than others. In this webinar we deep dive in these really tough situations and give you a practical game plan for how to turn it around. 1. A top account cancelling on you, 2. A key stakeholder blocking & being really negative, 3. Navigating customer through repeat downtime of service, 4. Failing a customer on a major promise, 5. Implementing a significant price increase 

Dealing with Churn

Everyone wants to eliminate churn. Is there a quick fix? No, unfortunately not, but it is a process and you can start that process today. How do you take the necessary long-term steps and at the same time deal with your current situation? How do you manage and what are the steps? In this webinar we will help you solve churn now, later and hopefully forever.

In this webinar we will break down churn in three parts, what to do with 1) cancellations / downgrades today, 2) churn risks coming 6 months and 3) how to make a real dent in the churn rate within 12 months.

The High Output Work Week

In this webinar we will share some best practices on how you can improve and become more efficient as Customer Success Manager. If you can make sure you do the right things, and you can increase the output, you will have a direct impact on the health of your customers and essentially the future of your company.

The Best Practice of Customer Success Manager Part I

We will go through the Best Practice of a Customer Success Manager, sharing examples, case studies and proven methods on how to get results. What is the role of Customer Success? What does the job entail and how can a normal week look like? How do you as Customer Success Manager take control and make a big difference - have a real impact? 

The Best Practice of a Customer Success Manager Part II
We will go through the Best Practice of a Customer Success Manager, sharing examples, case studies and proven methods on how to get results. What is the role of Customer Success? What does the job entail and how can a normal week look like? How do you as Customer Success Manager take control and make a big difference - have a real impact?