Design, Drive and Deliver Customer Journeys with the right plan for you.


295 / month

Essential tools for a newly started Customer Success Organization. This is the try-it-out version without any tech involvement needed.

1 - Team
3 - Users

  • Journey mapping
  • Task Management
  • Playbooks
  • CRM Integration
  • Feedback Integration
  • Support Integration


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445 / month
Essential tools for a newly started Customer Success Organization, becoming data-driven.

1 - Team
3 - Users
  • Starter plus:
  • Usage Health
  • Health Dashboard
  • 1 Standard Apps
  • User API
  • Script

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695 / month
A powerful set of tools for the growing Customer Success Organization, building on data to deliver Journeys.

2 - Team
20 - Users
  • Mega plus:
  • 1 custom app
  • Automations
  • Sandbox
  • 3 standard apps*
  • Workspace

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1195 / month
A comprehensive toolbox for the large Customer Success organization, delivering Journeys over several markets.

5 - Team
50 - Users
  • Giga plus:
  • Multiple Sandbox accounts
  • 3 Custom apps*
  • Unlimited standard apps
  • Datadriven outcome
  • Advanced health data

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1795 / month
Our most powerful version to give advanced Customer Success organizations full flexibility and control over extensive data and Journeys.

10 - Team
200 - Users
  • Tera plus: 
  • Free proof of concept
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Customizable Automations
  • Build your own apps
  • Field level permission

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Hear from businesses that use Startdeliver every day to help their customers get desired outcome.


“It actually works! With the data we upload from Learnifier and the warnings Startdeliver makes for us, it corresponds well with reality. For example, we see what potential references and churns we have in an instant.”

Hanna Iversen
Hanna Iversen
Customer Success Manager, Learnifier

“We have finally found a tool that combines ease-of-use with power under the hood. Our cancellation rate has dropped as a result of working with Startdeliver.”

Astrid Ståhl
Customer Success Officer, Upsales

“We needed to find a way to quickly get an overview of our customers' usage of our product. Startdeliver helped us achieve structure, overview, and faster dissemination of information, both on positive and negative signals”

Marcus Johansson BidTheatre
Marcus Johansson
CEO, BidTheatre

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