Our mission
is to transform
the way you do business!

By pioneering the next generation SaaS platform for Customer Success, we empower organizations to make an unparalleled impact. 

We're not just a company, we're a movement. Join us in the journey to elevate customer experiences, reduce churn, and fuel accelerated growth. Together, let's do more than the right things – let's do the things that matter most. Let's create value that lasts. 

We are here to help you bring more impact to your customers.
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What is Startdeliver?
The Purpose-built Platform for Customer Success

Startdeliver is a next generation Customer Success Platform. We make sense of large amounts of customer data from a great variety of sources to help companies drive all customer actions, in new ways and new channels, based on this data.

Essentially we help companies do the right things, the things that will give their customers the outcome they want, the impact. This is going to be the future for any business.


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Meet our amazing team

We believe that success starts with an amazing team, where everyone is a key player in our journey. Therefore, we spend a lot of time together to create a collaborative, fun environment with open communication. We love our work but we still love our coffee chats, having team activities, or maybe a drink or two after work. We have fun while we build the next big thing!

And we even started to dress the same...


Meet our founders 

Our founders have a long background in SaaS and growing successful companies. We know what it takes to build a world class company and it starts with a world class team.

Johan Nilsson, CEO -“We saw this gap in the market and therefore decided to create a platform that gives our customers the structure, the overview and the know-how that is needed to improve NRR.


Olof Nilsson, CTO - "For me, it was important to create a platform that was user friendly and could empower the Customer Success Manager to be their best. We also wanted very smooth integrations, because this is not where you as a customer should put your time."

Gustav Hasselblad, CCO - "For me, it’s not just about providing a great tool for our customers. It’s about improving the way our customers work with Customer Success, and by that ensuring their success becomes our success. Taking a complex business function from scattered data and frustration to a clear, actionable and scalable way of working is truly rewarding."


Become World Class in Customer Success

with Impact Academy

In line with our mission to create more customer impact, we educate the SaaS industry through our Impact Academy! Impact Academy is all about elevating the competence, confidence and careers of Customer Success Managers. 

Check out our courses!


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We believe that collaboration is key to achieving success. That's why we're bringing together professionals from all corners of the industry once a year at Impact Day in Stockholm for a full day of keynotes, workshops and networking. But it's about more than just learning - it's about building a community and a force of like-minded professionals who are passionate about enhancing their customer's success.

Join us in shaping the future of Customer Success!