Beating Churn - Strategy Session

We have all done the calculation: put down the churn rate a small percentage and see the big impact on growth. The math is easy, but how do we make this happen in reality? Can we predict churn and more importantly what levers do we pull to drive change and improve?
In this webinar we will outline the key strategies you can put in place to beat churn.

We will share both strategical and practical advice on how to beat churn. We will share concrete examples and best practices. Some of the agenda topics we will cover in this webinar:
1. Starting point – assessing where we really stand.

2. Churn root causes and classifications – and common pitfalls.
3. Making a plan for change – a hit list of key improvements.
4. Tracking, reporting and communicating progress – including leading measurements.

5. Road blocks, illusions and other things that you will have to overcome.