Customer Success Fueled Growth with Jacco van der Kooij

Customer Success Fueled Growth

It's not that you need Customer Success when you grow - it's that you need Customer Success to grow. In this webinar we have invited Jacco van der Kooij the CEO and Founder of Winning by Design to talk about how Customer Success is an accelerator for any subscription business



As our special guest we have Jacco van der Kooij the Co-CEO and Founder of Winning by Design. Jacco is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker based in Silicon Valley. Winning by Design is a global consultancy firm with scientific approach to Sales and is working with 500+ SaaS companies around the world.

Some of the topics we will cover:

1. Why is Customers Success sometimes misunderstood

2. Where does Customer Success fit in in the new world of SaaS Sales

3. How do we set targets and measure Customer Success teams

4. Where do companies go wrong in building a model for growth

5. Where are we going from here, what’s next in Customer Success

The webinar will be held in english and available on-demand at a later stage.