Head of Customer Success - Five Week Program

An Intensive Leadership Program - with Lincoln Murphy

We have many times been asked if there is a forum to develop as a leader in Customer Success. Typically, you - the "Head of Customer Success", stand quite alone and face many new challenges as the company grows. Everything from how to build the team and with what processes to how to deliver a better result.

To help with this, we have teamed up with Lincoln Murphy and created a Five Week Program. It is an intensive program where we tick off the most important areas within Customer Success every week. We go through examples and cases, everyone works with their own customers / teams and we do tasks in workshops where you interact with other leaders.

The program has a fee of €495 per person and only a few spots open. Everyone who participates will be in a similar phase as you and looking to interact and grow (of course no direct competitors).




Week 1 - To the Next Level: Assessment and priorities

What would it take to bring your Customer Success team to the next level? Where are the challenges right now and where do you see the biggest opportunities to improve? Are you in the process of building a team or are you scaling a large organization, independent of where you are you will get help in assessing the situation. Even if you do not know where to begin or if you have already clearly defined what you want to improve, you will get both advice and idéas from people who have done it before. Week one is all about creating the path forward, based on where we are and what we want to achieve.

Week 2 - A Strong Structure: Nailing the key processes

To get real leverage on our work we need to make sure the key processes are in place. In week two, we deepdive into the main processes of Customer Success Management. We will cover all aspects of onboarding, from trial to handover to first value. We will go into how we manage, predict and work efficiently with renewals. We will share best practices on how you do regular check-ins, do turn-arounds, interventions and expansion.

Week 3 - Building a Great Team: Roles, Goals and KPIs

As you scale, the organization needs to grow to preserve the customer experience. How can you recruit, build, and lead a team through this highly critical phase. We will go through the different roles and profiles you need in different stages. We will talk about goals and KPIs for individuals and teams. What is the theory and what works in practice.

Week 4 - Beating Churn Tool Box: making a concrete plan to drive up NRR

How can we start predicting churn and more importantly what levers do we pull to drive change and improve. We will share both strategic and practical advice on how to beat churn. We will break it down from the financial number of Net Revenue Retention down to the actual actions you can drive as a Customer Success Manager. We will share concrete examples and best practices.

Week 5 - Expansion Sales Tool Box: making a concrete plan to further drive up NRR

Lack of expansion is actually a bad sign for retention. Customers that are getting value from you tend to spend more and stay longer as a customer i.e. if you do more upselling you will also lower churn - that is a win-win. How do you do this, how can you design a customer journey that includes upselling and expansion. We will go through concrete examples and best practices.