Webinar: The Best Practices of a CSM

The Best Practice of a Customer Success Manager

What are the keys of becoming a really great Customer Success Manager? How do you spend your time, what do you do and what is the output?

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Webinar (Part 2)
Date: 19 March 2020
Time: 12:00 – 12:30
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Did you miss Part 1? Here is the recorded version:




In a series of webinars, we will go through the Best Practice of a Customer Success Manager, sharing examples, case studies and proven methods on how to get results. What is the role of Customer Success? What does the job entail and how can a normal week look like? How do you as Customer Success Manager take control and make a big difference – have a real impact?


Who is this webinar for:

This webinar is for anyone in tech/SaaS working in a customer-facing part of the organization.