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How Fibbl used Startdeliver to cut their admin work by 50%.

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About Fibbl

Fibbl specializes in enhancing e-commerce and marketing experiences for footwear brands through 3D and augmented reality (AR) technologies. They offer 3D assets on a monthly subscription basis, aiming to elevate customer experiences online. Fibbl's solutions are trusted by various partners in the footwear industry.


  • Mattias Österberg (Head of Customer Success) came to Fibbl from Flowbox where they’ve used the Startdeliver echosystem of features for years.
  • While many usage health features were hard to implement with Fibbl’s product, Mattias knew that the use case for making customer implementation more effective through Startdeliver’s shared workspaces would make a huge impact on Fibbl’s customer success going forward.
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  • Getting customers to act on tasks that moved the project forward during onboarding.
  • No way to get a good overview of existing customer base.
  • No transparency for customers on progression of ongoing projects.
  • Too much time consuming admin work.
Fibbl from mess to order

“Before, we did everything in Notion. A new board/project had to be created manually for every new customer. There was no efficient way of updating customers on status.”

Mattias Österberg

The Fix:

  • One shared space for Customer Success and Customers during onboarding/implementation.
  • Filters on customers based on status (onboarding,at-risk,expansion) for better overview.
  • An ongoing shared touch point for customers with all relevant data to minimise communication friction in over time.
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  • 50% less time spent on admin work.
  • Reduced onboarding time.
  • Increased customer transparency.
  • Easier reporting on KPIs (MRR, NRR, GRR.)
  • More engaged customers.
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