Customer Story

How Flourish adopted Startdeliver as the foundational platform for managing their customers.

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About Flourish

Flourish offers a feedback platform designed to enhance leadership and team dynamics through engaging and simple feedback mechanisms, surpassing traditional surveys. Their service uses a chatbot for efficient, modern employee feedback across multiple channels like Messenger, Teams, and Slack, aiming for actionable insights with minimal setup.



  • Fast growing startup.
  • CS team: One person.
  • An understanding that they needed to work with CS properly from the beginning.
  • Implementing a tool like Startdeliver would become a statement that they took Customer Success seriously.
  • It would become the main platform for managing existing customers without messing up other workflows for sales and marketing.
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  • The need to optimize time spent with customers.
  • Messy onboarding flow.
  • Not possible to do what they wanted in their CRM (Hubspot).
  • Customer Management distracted pipeline management and marketing workflows by sharing system.
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Simon Bergh, Head of CS, Flourish.

"We didn't have a lot of Customer Success experience, and felt that Startdeliver could be a partner in teaching us the best practices."

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Enter Startdeliver:

  • Start tracking customer data to detect trends in usage and act upon them early on. Zoom in on usage of particular features and take action to increase adoption.
  • Startdeliver as a partner for Customer Success expertise. Setting up workflows and tactics according to proven best practices.
  • Structuring up Onboarding worflow by keeping all data/material in one place as well as keeping track of all tasks that need to be done.
  • A dedicated system for the existing customer base that puts Customer Success in the forefront as a growth driver for the company.
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  • A dedicated system for customers.
  • Enhanced onboarding processes.
  • Increased stakeholder and end-user adoption.
  • Increased feature-specific adoption.
  • Better understanding of Customer Success best practices.
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