Customer Story

How Rule turned their existing customer base into a growth engine.

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About Rule

Rule, established in 2007, specializes in marketing automation, and offers a digital communication SaaS platform that focuses on data-driven communication via Email and SMS. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Rule's platform is noted for its innovative CRM tool and supports multiple languages.


Customer Success Background

  • Around 800 customers
  • Business model highly dependent on scaling each customer with a lot of revenue to gain from activating customers more with certain features.
  • High-growth companies will benefit the most from Rule's services. The key is to identify them and help them become more active.
  • Higher ARR on customers that have stayed more than 3 years.
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  • Not enough time to analyse customers to determine what customers to focus on.
  • Not enough time to contact every customer.
  • Hard to make data-driven decisions.
  • Not being able to properly communicate CS team performance internally.
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Philip Simon, Head of CS, Rule.

"The worst thing you can do in Customer Success is to rely on feelings without data. We wanted a way to make decisions that we could stand by and commit to long term. They needed to be backed by data."

Philip SImon


The fix:

  • Identifying high-growth companies early and take action to activate them more in the platform.
  • Customer list in Startdeliver that measures usage over several key features.
  • Extracting lists of customers underusing certain features and target them with personal reach-out and specific marketing campaigns.
  • General usage determining customer health, and identifying churn risks early.
  • Key Stakeholder inactivity also a great way of discovering risk customers.



  • 2.4x more upsells per customer.
  • 116% ARR per customer.
  • 3x increase in active users.
  • 30% reduced churn.