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Lower churn, more satisfied customers and faster growth comes from doing the right things first. The things that have real impact for your customers. Design, Drive and Deliver your Customer Journeys with Startdeliver - Customer Success Platforms.

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Usage health, feedback, support overview, renewals, and all the customer data you need to be proactive.
Secured data
Your information is safe and available. Secure all your customer data in Startdeliver.
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Task Manager
Task Management with Projects, Playbooks, Tasks, Templates, and all you need for growth on Customers
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Apps and Integrations to make sure you get from reactive to proactive in your Customer Success
Notifications, Feeds and triggered activities on early warnings and opportunities based on Customer data.
Automate Tasks, Playbooks, Surveys, Product-tours, Marketing Automation based on Usage and much more.
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Create extraordinary Customer Success Journeys


Every interaction a customer has with your company is part of their journey. Many companies leave this to chance. With Customer Success Journeys you do the opposite, you take charge and control the process. Design the experience from trial to sales handover, from new users to new markets. Customize the Journey based on characteristics and desired outcome. Customize on status, progress and build your path of next steps for every customer. 


The Customer Success Journey is an agile process where you launch your actions, automations and playbooks based on the next goal to be achieved. Are we on track or not? When do we fix speed bumps and when do we accelerate? We drive the Customer Success Journey together with the customer, we collaborate and share the same goal. Driving the Customer Success Journeys is everything we do to move forward.


The purpose of the Customer Success Journey is to deliver desired outcome to the customer. Not once, but continuously week after week, month after month, year after year. When you do this, you do not only minimize churn and retain your customer, but you build a growth machine. In Startdeliver you track and measure this in real time, sharable and visible for everyone.

Customer Impact and Desired Outcome

Everyday Customer Success organizations are busy doing all sorts of activities, but which ones are effective and make our customers stay? and the opposite, which ones are not effective and waste our time? With a growing organization and a growing number of interactions, both human and digital, it all becomes even more critical. The key metric in Startdeliver is – Customer Impact, where you can trace all activities back to the impact they had on your customer.

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Hear from businesses that use Startdeliver every day to help their customers get desired outcome.


“It actually works! With the data we upload from Learnifier and the warnings Startdeliver makes for us, it corresponds well with reality. For example, we see what potential references and churns we have in an instant.”

Hanna Iversen
Hanna Iversen
Customer Success Manager, Learnifier

“We have finally found a tool that combines ease-of-use with power under the hood. Our cancellation rate has dropped as a result of working with Startdeliver.”

Astrid Ståhl
Customer Success Officer, Upsales

“We needed to find a way to quickly get an overview of our customers' usage of our product. Startdeliver helped us achieve structure, overview, and faster dissemination of information, both on positive and negative signals”

Marcus Johansson BidTheatre
Marcus Johansson
CEO, BidTheatre

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